Greetings fellow earth travelers… And welcome to my bio.


My musical journey has been fueled by one, pulsing desire…To write and perform authentic, original compositions, for you. I started learning the guitar early, at around 8 years old, for this very purpose, from an older cat who lived next door. (Whuddup Kenny!) He taught me a few chords, and other rock n roll essentials…Like how to swear (Fuuuck ya!) and how to appreciate the beauty of the feminine form. (nudie mags anyone?) He concluded our short but sweet lessons with a proper graduation… by having me DESTROY MY PIECE OF SHIT ACOUSTIC GUITAR!!! \M/


After that, my dad took the reigns, introducing me to rock n roll legends such as Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Eric Clapton, Deep Purple, and Ted Nugent. I spent hours studying their playing, and their song structures, learning their riffs by ear. So when Jr. High came around, I was ready to start writing my own masterpieces…(okay…full disclosure…it took me a bit to get to the masterpiece part…my first few songs were pretty shitty…But when I got to High School, they started to get better…maybe it was the drugs…idk…)


Anyways…once I had a solid foundation of original songs under my belt, I REALLY wanted to perform them. (My mother is a dancer, so performing runs in my blood…Plus, I’m a Leo…so, ya.) I put together a High School band… that WON the BATTLE OF THE BANDS playing MY SONGS! (WOOO!)…And then disbanded. (Fuuuuck)…


But wait…what is that beautiful drumming sound I hear? Is that who I think it is? My own dear brother? Indeed it is! Shall we start a band…together? Indeed we shall…Indeed, we shall…


The end. 


(Cue epic outro music…think Indiana Jones…or some shit like that…)

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