The history of kyle

“Greatness” – The Skummy King 


To be deemed greatness by a king is no easy feat. It requires years of sacrifice and hard work, toiling away at your craft until your mind is weary and your body is blistered and bleeding. Such was the dedication exhibited by Kyle “Brickhouse” Pouse behind a drum set beginning at the ripe age of 14. With an innate desire to play the drums from an early age, his dream was finally realized when his grandfather Dave West, gave him a vintage Ludwig drum set that he passed down from his days as a traveling musician. 


Obviously, his parents were not thrilled about having a drum set blaring away hour after hour, but his grandmother was gracious enough to allow the drums to be played at her home. Every day he would travel by foot to his grandmother’s home, completely obsessed with learning the ins and out of the mysterious instrument. With no money and no teacher, he used his ears and passion for music to teach himself the nuances and skills required of an elite percussionist. Although having no teacher proved to have its struggles, being self-taught culminated the development of a completely unique style, derived from his influences in hip hop and rock.  


After his guitarist brother stumbled upon his playing one sunny afternoon, his style found a home and his obsession for music intensified with the creation of dozens of songs and countless live performances. After witnessing his steady beats, wild fills, rockin solos, and raw energy The Skummy King was only able to muster a single word. Greatness. 


The journey has continued ever since, and his latest works can be found in the upcoming roller coaster rock releases with his band, Certain DaZe.

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